Charli XCX Won’t Be Fashion Puppet for Her Record Label


Singer Charli XCX is already known for her daring and often racy sense of style. Charli has revealed that her record label did try to change her style direction but she wouldn’t be their “puppet”. She explained that often they try to make her dress similarly to other stars but she won’t be influenced and will always stick to her own fashion sense. She explained:

“Yeah. I basically just told my record label to f**k off. If you want a puppet, just go and get yourself a puppet. Don’t sign me to your record label. I told them that from very early on, and I said I was never going to have a conversation with them about anything like that ever again. And sometimes they’ll try to be like, ‘Maybe you should wear this or dress like this person.’ And I’ll be like, ‘Maybe you should, if that’s how you really feel.'”

Charli explains that she is often criticized for her fashion choices because some people believe her outfits are too sexy which must mean she isn’t a feminist, but she says that isn’t how it is. She comments that her style is just her own taste and it doesn’t change how she feels about equality:

“I’ve heard people say to me, ‘How can you claim to be a feminist when you dress like that?’ I wear a lot of slip dresses and nightwear and stuff. People always question my credibility because of that: ‘Oh, are you selling sex? Are you doing this or that to be recognised more or to sell your music?’ No, it’s just a fashion thing for me. I still believe in equality, I still run my own sh*t. I’m not a dumb idiot just because of what I wear.”