Celebrity stylist Alex Perry, 60, takes a gym selfie to show off his impressive muscle gain and physique change | ‘You’re bigger than…The Rock!’

On Friday, the designer, whose outfits have been worn by Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lopez, and even HRH Crown Princess Mary, showed off his tough new style in a gym picture.

Alex Perry has had an astounding bodily transformation after working out at the gym

Alex, 60, posed for a mirror picture while wearing a baggy singlet that revealed his massive biceps and rippling muscles.

Alex appeared to be in the weight room at the gym and stated that he was staying fit by doing a “lunchtime workout.”

Alex said that he’s been working out with a personal trainer recently.

Alex showed off his buff figure in a recent gym selfie, which stunned and pleased his fans and followers.

Shelly Horton, a TV personality, wrote: ‘Holy s**tballs Alex, you’re bigger than The Rock! Amazing work.’

Retired NRL player Sam Burgess responded, ‘rig city,’ while celebrity makeup artist Max May wrote, ‘beast mode on,’ with three flame emojis.

Alex previously disclosed his motive for working out hard in an interview with SBS, saying: ‘Going to the gym and working out just keeps me in peak physical and mental condition for whatever I’m faced with in the fashion industry.

‘After the initial year of going to the gym, I grew to hate it and I had to drag myself there, but I really enjoy it now. It makes me less stressed and then I can go home and feel normal.’

In 1992, he founded his own label and rapidly became recognized for his lavish red carpet gowns and jewelled corsets.
Last year, Alex gave a fairly harsh reason for why his brand was never popular in Australia in September.
Nonetheless, he argues that his designs were never ‘cool enough’ to take off in the Australian market, forcing him to expand his business abroad.
‘I was never the one to watch, or the cool one, it was always all about these other designers. But I kept thinking “I make really good clothes and I think they are really beautiful”
‘So I started to look at what I was doing and I thought “you know what, I think I am pretty cool”, but it is in a glamorous way, not what cool is defined as here,’ he said.