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Celebrity Skin Secret: Body Brushing to Reduce Cellulite

Want to rid your skin of cellulite or simply improve its texture? Those are just two reported benefits of dry body brushing, along with increasing circulation and helping to remove toxins. A body brush is a cheap and easy way to give your skin a boost, helping it to exfoliate and remove dead skin at the same time. A body brush is available at most beauty or health stores and should be used with no lotion as a dry brush treatment. The recommended method is to use circular motions, working up and towards the heart for best results. Several celebrities swear by starting their day with a body brush treatment and say it has greatly improved their skin.

Model Elle Macpherson has commented that she loves her special dry brush which is made of natural bristles and helps her exfoliate regularly. She admits that she uses it daily as part of her beauty regime:

“My three beauty secrets are: exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation. Increasing circulation, ridding the body of dead skin cells, nourishing, renewing. My Rotating Dry Brush uses natural bristles from the Agave plant native to Mexico so it’s firm but gentle on the skin and I use it top to toe every day without fail, moisturise and then drink 3-litres of water to hydrate from the inside.”

Australian model Miranda Kerr loves dry brushing and likes to boost her skin after a shower:

“You can do it before or after a shower, I like to do it after the shower. It makes your skin super smooth.”