Carrie Underwood on Her ‘Mom’ Haircut & Budget Beauty Buys


Country singer and mom Carrie Underwood has spoken on adapting her beauty routine now that she’s a mother of one. The singer explains that she’s lucky if she finds enough time to put on moisturizer and says she doesn’t spend a lot on cosmetics. Carrie says she loves budget beauty brands and regularly picks up her beauty items from the drug store:

“Oh lordy, being a mom, half the time I’m like, ‘Did I put moisturizer on? Did I do that today?’ To be honest, whatever I can grab at a Walgreens is enough for me. I love drugstore makeup. I honestly don’t think there’s anything in my bag that’s expensive.”

Carrie recently cut her hair shorter into a ‘mom’ hairdo and says it’s just easier to maintain this way. She washes her hair every day because she works out so regularly and thinks it’s helpful to have manageable hair right now because it frees up more time:

“Now that my hair is shorter, it’s easier to fix, which was the whole point. Cutting my hair was a “mom” move. I wash my hair every day and I know that’s not great for it, but I work out and I sweat a lot so I need to, and I’m on stage and I sweat even more. I could spend half an hour to blow it dry and have it be super long, or I could spend that time playing with my son, and I’d much rather do the latter.”

Speaking on her past hair regrets, Carrie says there are some looks she just wouldn’t repeat now:

“There were some [looks] that I don’t think I would do now – I had big hair. I had a lot of big hair. And I like big hair, but I wouldn’t go back there again.”