Carrie Underwood Explains Her Makeup Routine


Singer Carrie Underwood has opened up on her makeup musts. The busy mom says she’ll always apply some makeup when she’s going out, even if she’s hitting the gym because she’s conscious that she could be photographed at any time. She has a quick go-to beauty look that she applies which includes foundation, bronzer and mascara. She commented:

“If I’m going someplace, I always think, ‘Somebody’s going to see me and want to take a picture with me,’ which is really great, but I hate it when I see the pictures later when I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. So I’ll throw on a little bit — some foundation, a little bit of Smart Shade, maybe a little bronzer and mascara and I’ll be OK. I won’t feel bad about my pictures if I do that.”

The singer is a new spokesperson for beauty brand Almay and explains that she loves how their products are “build-able” because she can easily make her look more dramatic in seconds and create a smoky eye. Carrie says she loves to create a focal point through eye makeup so she often adds eyeshadow and liner when she wants her eyes to pop:

“I’ll always put makeup on, even if it’s just a little bit. That’s a great thing about Almay – it’s build-able. You can use more for a more dramatic look or you can just make it easy and keep it fresh and simple. I’m an eye girl. I’ll always put on a little eyeshadow, a little liner and mascara and I’m good to go.”