Carol Vorderman poses in tight leather pants to announce her Countdown comeback

When Carol Vorderman was spotted with a huge clock from the show, fans began to wonder if they would see her on the show again.

Carol Vorderman posing next to the world-famous Countdown clock

(Image: Instagram)

Fans of the Channel 4 show wanted the 62-year-old math whiz back on the show because she looked amazing in a skintight outfit.

Carol poured her hourglass figure and famous rear end of the year into some black leather trousers and a tight-fitting leopard print top as she received a “greeting” from her former workplace, posing for a series of photos.

(Image: Instagram)

Carol wrote the following caption for the photo: “CHANNEL 4 GREETING,” before adding: “Awwwww look what greeted me at @channel4 HQ this morning with a big smile on its clock face…… awwwww.”

“Happy days indeed. I’ve danced to that music tens of thousands of times over the years…..lols.”

A flood of comments flooded in from swooning fans and beseeching producers to bring Carol back to the show.

”Carol, I’d really appreciate it if you could come back as the host of that show.”

Another user commented, “Back to where you belong.”

(Image: Instagram)

Carol was a stunning TV star for 26 years, from 1982 until 2008, when she appeared on the game show Countdown, where her arithmetic and alphabetical prowess wowed viewers.

Carol’s visit to Channel 4 and the subsequent gift of a Countdown clock have fans theorizing, but neither the visit nor the gift have been explained.

Earlier this year Carol launched Perfect 10, which is a daily podcast that is “packed full of questions, brain teasers, and riddles to get your mind in shape every weekday”.

Carol has been promoting her Perfect 10 podcast in a series of sexy photos and videos, and her audience has been blown away.