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Candice Swanepoel Reveals Her Top Summer Beauty Tips

South African model Candice Swanepoel has dished out her personal summer beauty tips. She said that on the top of her list is sun protection which she says is essential because she burns very quickly when exposed. The model says she applied a high SPF daily:

 “Sun protection is really important for me. My face really burns and it’s not cute! My facialist gives me a really strong sunscreen, and I wear that every day, whether it’s sunny or not.”  Always on the go, Candice reveals that she makes sure never to miss out on her favourite products by staying constantly packed up. She keeps a vanity bag filled with her top essentials including everything she needs: “I leave a vanity bag always packed with my favourite stuff so it’s ready to go when I travel. I have my products that I always need: my face wash, toner, moisturiser, sunscreen and body oil – I love Bio Oil.”

The model says that the ocean’s salt water can have a damaging effect on her hair so she tries to use a good conditioner to restore any strength and shine after being in the water: “Because I’m in the ocean all the time, I use a lot of different oils and conditioning creams on my hair. In Brazil it’s very normal to take products and your brush to the beach, people dye their hair… so I take all of my conditioning treatments to the beach when I’m there.” She also does her best to go makeup-free when it’s possible:

“When I’m on holiday, I try to take a break from make-up. If we have a night out, or go and see a band or something, I’ll do some blush and mascara – but I try to keep it really minimal.”