Canadian Celebrities and their Favourite Casino Games

It sure seems like you and your favourite celebrities are worlds apart. They are on the cover of best-selling magazines, and you are not. They get to travel the world while you might only be able to afford to go on a vacation once or twice a year. And they get to wear garments made by the most famous fashion designers while you still have to continue to shop at fast fashion stores. That being said, even though it might not seem like it, your favorite celebrities are just people, and they might share some of the same interests as you – including gambling. Therefore, here’s a list of some famous Canadian celebrities and their favourite casino games that will show you that you might not be that different compared to your beloved A-lister. 

Gambling in Canada allows Canadian celebrities and their favourite casino games to flourish 

There are many misconceptions about gambling in general. Many associate illegal activities with the mere mention of the term, which might be true depending on the place where they live. However, Canada is a territory where gambling is a regulated activity, giving people a chance to indulge in what could be their favorite pastime activity. 

That being said, you aren’t the only one who gets to spend some time doing what they love most – your favourite celebrities oftentimes do the same. And since we’re a place where you can find out what your favourite sports stars do and what jeans size Kourtney Kardashian wears, it’s only natural that you’ll be able to discover which casino games Canadian A-listers resort to in their spare time. 

Pamela Anderson – Poker

Do you live for a good poker game? Then you share the same passion as Pamela Anderson – one of the most iconic female personalities in the 90s. While we’re not here to comment on her enviable career, we can certainly reflect on the success she’s had in some memorable roles. But we can also reflect on her love of poker which, to be honest, has put her in some debt. In an honest interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2007, she revealed that she owed as much as $125,000 to a Las Vegas casino. 

But there’s no need to focus on such gloomy thoughts, as you can control your gambling habits and stay within your budget. It’s very important to go through a list of casinos in Ontario to discover the ones that have a responsible gambling policy in place. That’ll keep you from making many errors that could put you in debt. 

Drake – Roulette 

Do you enjoy Drake’s megahits? Then you probably enjoy reading about Drake-related gossip which could turn out to be more than just he said, she said. But the one thing you can know is true for a fact is the information that Drake is an avid gambler. Since he is one of the richest rappers in the world, he can definitely afford to be a high roller. 

His father was an enthusiastic fan of sports betting, so it’s safe to say that he had a head start when it comes to games of luck. Drake might love different types of casino games, but we can tell for a fact that he is a huge roulette fan. And how can we claim that? Simply by taking a look at his watch that’s in the shape of a mini roulette wheel. 

Matthew Perry – Poker

While we can find many Canadian celebrities and their favourite casino games, poker seems to stand out among other games. It’s certainly one of the most frequently mentioned points on our list. This game is so popular that it’s Matthew Perry’s go-to activity when looking for some fun and adrenaline. Again, we know this because there are paparazzi photos that show Matthew Perry playing poker at 6 am. If you’ve also been in a situation where you lost track of time playing casino games, then you can understand where he is coming from.

The one thing we don’t know is how well this Friends star does when playing poker. According to his own words, he is not much different than an average poker player. That means that he has his ups and downs, and he could be on both the winning and the losing end. If he wasn’t your favourite Friends star up until now, he might become one now after reading about the common interest you two share. 

Deadmau5 – Slots

Do you find yourself drawn to slot machines? Do you enjoy their easy and straightforward gameplay? Then you are no different than Deadmau5. Truth be told, this Canadian DJ loves poker as much as the next person. But he is also a huge fan of games of luck, with slot machines being one of the best ways to test how lucky you are. 

And we’re not the only ones who have recognized his passion for casino games and slots, in particular. The industry giant, Microgaming, has realized that his passion is worthy of a reward. That’s why they have created a special slot in his honor that bears his name. 

Jennifer Tilly – Poker

It’s only natural to end this list of Canadian celebrities and their favourite casino games with poker. Jennifer Tilly is yet another true poker aficionado who frequently participates in (and wins) poker tournaments. Her passion for this game is so big that she was named a queen of poker – plus, she’s that good at it. And how good she is at poker is best seen through her winnings from this game, which amounted to $992,000 in 2017. Keep in mind that this was five years ago – her winnings are probably greater at this point. 

Whether you love to play poker, roulette, or good old slots, you’ve just seen that there’s an A-list celebrity who loves the same thing as you. Most people nowadays opt for online casino games, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t visit land-based casinos from time to time. And if you do, there’s a chance that you might be playing next to your favourite celebrity.