Cameron Diaz allegedly hit Matthew Perry in the face while stoned

The actor Matthew Perry recently published a memoir about his life, which includes details about his relationship with fellow A-lister Julia Roberts, his battle with addiction, and, of course, his time on Friends.

Friends star Matthew Perry claims that Cameron Diaz once hit him in the face while she was ‘stoned’

Matthew Perry

The actor revealed many interesting details in his memoir.

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He’s previously spoken openly about his battle with addiction.

However, it does discuss some other strange experiences he’s had throughout his life, some of which are noteworthy.

You wouldn’t forget Cameron Diaz punching you in the face, would you?

The whole thing allegedly began when the two were scheduled to go on a group date after Diaz had recently split up with Justin Timberlake.

Perry claimed in the book that Diaz was “immediately stoned” at the party but “wasn’t interested in [him] at all.”

They had all sat down for a game of Pictionary, which must have been quite a sight, when Perry managed to come up with’something witty,’ which clearly amused Diaz.

In her joking attempts to punch him on the shoulder, she accidentally punched him in the face.

Perry remembered saying: “Are you f***ing kidding me?”

We have reached out to Diaz’s representatives for comment on the matter, so hopefully we will hear from her soon.

Perry also discussed his time in a relationship with Julia Roberts, with whom he claims he exchanged “hundreds” of faxes on a daily basis.

It truly was a different era – many of you will have to Google what a fax machine is, but they were once a legitimate mode of communication.

In an excerpt, he said: “Three or four times a day I would sit by my fax machine and watch the piece of paper slowly revealing her next missive, I was so excited that some nights I would find myself out at some party sharing a flirtatious exchange with an attractive woman and cut the conversation short so I could race home and see if a new fax had arrived.”

“Nine times out of 10, one had.”

He described her messages as’so smart,’ and stated that Roberts was ‘put on this planet to make the world smile.’

“The way she strung sentences together, the way she saw the world, the way she articulated her unique thoughts, all was so captivating,” he added.

In the end, Perry realized that dating Roberts was ‘too much’ for him because he was ‘certain’ she would eventually break up with him.

So he chose a different path and ended his relationship with her.

“So instead of facing the inevitable agony of losing her, I broke up with the beautiful and brilliant Julia Roberts,” the actor said.

Matt made a very wise decision there.

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry’s memoir, is now available.