How to Build the Best 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator in NBA 2K24

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Images via 2K
3PT Shot Creator NBA 2K24
Images via 2K

Elevate your game in NBA 2K24 with our lethal 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator build, combining shooting skills and defensive prowess as a Point Guard.

How to Build the Best 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator in NBA 2K24

The 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator excels in long-distance shooting, ball handling, and defensive capabilities. This build is designed for players who want to be a powerful sharpshooter, execute face shots, and maintain control over the ball.


Height 6’6″
Weight 180 lbs
Wingspan 7’3″
Close Shot 52
Driving Layup 72
Driving Dunk 75
Standing Dunk 28
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot 70
Three-Point Shot 78
Free Throw 53
Pass Accuracy 74
Ball Handle 92
Speed with Ball 83
Interior Defense 70
Perimeter Defense 93
Steal 72
Block 78
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound 50
Speed 82
Acceleration 87
Strength 55
Vertical 75
Stamina 96

Best Animations for Jump Shots

Images via 2K

Choosing the right animations for your character is crucial. It’s not just about knowing how to shoot; it’s about doing so in a flashy, practical, and secure manner. For your jump shot animation, we recommend:

Base Stephen Curry
Upper Release 1 Stephen Curry
Upper Release 2 Jason Kidd
Release Speed 25%
Animation Blending 60% – 40%
Release Height A-
Defense Immunity A+
Release Speed A+
Timing Impact A+

This animation is reliable, secure, and difficult for defenders to interrupt, allowing you to charge your shot for extra distance.

Best Badges

Badges play a crucial role in enhancing your character’s abilities in the game. Your badge selection should align with your character’s stats and playstyle. Let’s take a look at the top badges for your 2-Way 3 Point Shot Creator build:

Tier Badges Description
S Clamps Improved defense against ball handlers.
A 94 Feet Harass and bother opponents with the ball.
Ankle Braces Make it difficult for opponents to cross you over.
Challenger Enhances well-timed contests against perimeter shooters.
Fast Feat Increases agility to stay in front of ball handlers.
Pick Dodger Navigate through defender lines more easily.
Work Horse Boosts speed and ability to get loose balls.
C Off-Ball Pest Enhances bump and harass ability on offense.

With this 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator build, you’ll become a formidable presence on the court, capable of sinking shots from afar while maintaining a strong defensive game. Master your shooting skills, defend like a pro, and lead your team to victory in NBA 2K24!