Britney Spears Still Hasn’t Figured Out How to Dress Herself: A Sheer Experiment

Posted by PZ on March 14th, 2013



Britney nipple alert: It’s clear that the singer-turned-reality show judge still hasn’t learned anything about dressing herself in the many years in the spotlight. A wiser star might hire a stylist to just do the whole thing for them, but Britney continues to make headlines for creating her very own clothing catastrophes. Here, she has put in maximum effort. For example, she isn’t wearing her usual uniform of slouchy sweats and Uggs. She’s experimented with a sheer printed halterneck sundress which thankfully features an extra layer underneath to cover her up, but it actually doesn’t work up top because her braless nips are pretty apparent.

She completed the ensemble with tan leather wedges and a nice tan shoulder bag. The accessories here are nice, and the dress might have even worked out ok too but the lack up underwear and dated looking print makes this floppy all over – did she pluck it from the back of her 2001 wardrobe? At least she’s tried here, which is more than you can say regarding her usual attire. Not everyone was born with style, and Britney seems to have struggled with the entire concept for as long as she’s been in the spotlight. Not one to be fussy, Brit always looks like she’s comfortable but when she tries it never really works. Time to hit up a stylist stat, you know you can afford it.

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