Brawl Stars: The Talented Voice Actors Behind the Brawls!

The charismatic Brawlers of Brawl Stars wouldn’t be the same without their unforgettable voices. These talented actors breathe life into each character, adding personality and depth to the exciting world of Brawl Stars.

Unveiling the Brawl Stars Voice Actors

Brawl Stars is a global phenomenon, and the game reflects that diversity in its voice acting. While the Brawlers themselves may not speak specific languages, the voice actors deliver top-notch performances that resonate with players worldwide.

Here’s a glimpse into the talented actors who bring your favorite Brawlers to life:

  • Amber: Leah Arscott
  • Barley: Phillip Lockwood
  • Bea: Tiffany Grant
  • Bibi, Bonnie: Bindy Coda
  • BO: Brian Stivale
  • Brock: Scott William
  • Bull: Bill Russell
  • Buster: Paul Moran
  • Buzz: Joshua Gordy
  • Byron, Surge: Steven Kelly
  • Carl: Joshua Graham
  • Charlie: Elsa Perusin
  • Chuck: Nicola Lanci
  • Colette: Katie Snyder
  • Colt: Billy Kametz
  • Crow: TBA
  • Dynamike: Jas Patrick
  • Edgar: David Autovino
  • El Primo: Alex Sanchez
  • Fang, Cordelius: Nicholas Contreras
  • Gale: Dean Compoginis
  • Gray: TBA
  • Griff: Roger Addis
  • Grom: Gordon Gibson
  • Gus, Sandy: Patrick Pedraza
  • Hank, Angelo, Doug: Austen Moret
  • Janet: Sam Slade
  • Jessie: Maya Aoki Tuttle aka Maya Tuttle
  • Kit: Chris Nichter
  • Leon: Thomas Hagena
  • Lou: John Mondelli
  • Lucas: Lani Minella
  • Maisie: Simone Annan
  • Mandy: Nola Klop
  • Max: Sandra Osborne
  • Meg: Sheila Morris
  • Mortis: Ed Mace
  • Nani, Belle, Pearl, Eve: Elizabeth Dean
  • Nita: Marissa Lenti
  • Pam: Jennifer Wydra
  • Penny: Maria Isabel Artega
  • Piper: Elizabeth Saydah
  • Poco: Darren Roebuck
  • Rosa: Sheila Williams
  • Ruffs: Blythe Melin
  • Sam: Joe French
  • Shelly, Emz, Jacky: Sandra Espinoza
  • Spike, Mico: TBA
  • Stu, Chester: Kai Skrotzki
  • Tick, 8-Bit, Darryl, Frank, Tara, Mr. P, Squeak, Otis, Larry & Lawrie, Gene, Sprout, R-T, Rico: Martin Schjøler
  • Willow: Emma Rae
voice actors Brawl Stars
Image via Supercell

The voice acting in Brawl Stars goes beyond simply delivering lines. It’s a perfect marriage of character and performance. Each voice perfectly complements the Brawler’s personality, from Amber’s fiery spirit to Bull’s gruff demeanor. The dedication to finding the ideal voice for each character is evident, making the Brawlers truly come alive.

With new Brawlers constantly joining the Brawl Stars arena, this list is sure to grow. Stay tuned as we meet the voices behind the newest additions to the game!

So, the next time you brawl it out, take a moment to appreciate the incredible vocal talent that brings your favorite Brawlers to life!