Blake Lively’s ‘Preserve’ Website Inspired by Her Mother’s Style


Blake Lively recently launched her own lifestyle website named ‘Preserve’ and now she has revealed that it has been inspired by her mother’s home-making skills and style. Blake has been heavily inspired by her mother’s fashion sense and how she would also put an artistic twist on things at home. She explained:

”I always appreciated the magnitude of my mother’s imagination. She always saw beauty in what was broken and she’d preserve it. So because of her I always had passion for creating art out of a meal or a home environment. Fashion was a big part of her life; she would make our clothing and create something out of nothing.”

The former ‘Gossip Girl’ actress believes her new venture is the perfect career route for her because it allows her to blend all of her different loves and get creative in many ways. She commented that she feels it’s less limited as a job:

“I knew that was a world I wanted to be in but I couldn’t find a job description that would fit. I thought about party planning, interior design or fashion but it was all too specific — it all sounded too limiting. I knew that as soon as Gossip Girl was over I wanted to start this company. This is my company. It’s my baby.”

Blake runs many aspects of the new business single-handedly and says it is quite a lot of work to take on because she fills many roles and is even learning how to take care of the smaller details herself:

”Oh boy, it’s more demanding than I expected! But I’m part of every aspect. I’m the creative director but I’m the CEO all the way down to production assistant. During shoots I’m fetching water for models; I’m styling shoots, helping photographers and coming up with concepts. I’m handling press and looking through budgets and fundraising. I’m learning to upload new products and add new content.”