Blake Lively “Would Love to” Launch Own Fashion Label


Currently pregnant with her first child and also working on her new lifestyle website Preserve, former ‘Gossip Girl’ actress Blake Lively is clearly a busy woman – but it hasn’t slowed her down yet! Blake has revealed that she is remaining ambitious and would love to launch her own fashion label one day in the future, but currently she just doesn’t have time with everything else in her life at the moment. She would also like to design “exclusive” items for her website someday:

”I would love to when I can find 28 hours in my day. But I’m hoping to do some exclusive things in the future.”

Blake is a huge fashion fan and says she has never used a stylist even to dress for the red carpet, because she sees getting dressed as an expression of herself:

”I’ve never used a stylist because I love it too much. It’s such an expression of me.”

Blake says her actor husband Ryan Reynolds is currently involved with helping her run her new Preserve brand and is lending a helping hand with all of the work involved. She gushes that she sees the project as being family-oriented and for people who also spend time shopping for loved ones:

”He is probably more [involved] than he wants to be but what’s important about Preserve is it’s not just about females. It’s about families. It’s not just female specific. I love shopping for him as much as I love shopping for myself as well as I love creating meals for him.”