Blake Lively Treats Her Dog Like a Child


Blake Lively is completely loved up – not only is she newly married to Ryan Reynolds, but she is happy to have her dog Penny by her side too because she loves to treat her pet like her own child even though she admits that her dog often tries to boss her around. Blake says that Penny is quite “sassy” and full of personality, while she also loves to surround herself with her nieces and nephews because she wishes they were her own children (is something feeling broody?):

”My dog is half surrogate child and half the boss. Penny is so sassy and she’s packing so much personality. She has the power to very quickly make my world revolve around her. But my nieces and nephews are also surrogate children. I’m just upset that they aren’t my own.”

As an aunt, Blake does her best to protect the kids from any attention that comes her way because of her fame and wants them to get to experience normal things around her so she tells them a little white lie so that they can understand why everyone is so interested in her:

”I want the kids in my family to experience normality so, when I’m out and about with them, I try to protect them from the attention I get. If someone comes up to me and asks for a picture, I’ll tell the children that I make really great cupcakes and that’s why they’ve heard about me.”