Blake Lively Reveals Her Favourite Beauty Product


Blake Lively, who recently styled herself during her promotional tour for ‘The Age of Adaline’ also does her own hair! The actress loves getting involved in the fashion and beauty parts of her job, and says she usually styles it up in an elegant ballerina bun for everyday. She said:

“I do my own hair in real life. I normally put it in a ballerina bun. If I want it to be more full, I’ll first put in some mousse and blow-dry the roots up a little bit. When you take the bun out, you want to tease it with a big hairbrush to give it oomph.”

The new mom admits that she is so busy she doesn’t often get the chance to wear makeup, but she does have a favourite beauty product. She loves a watermelon coloured lipstick and thinks applying it instantly makes her feel good:

“These days I don’t have time to put on any makeup, really; I cover the dark circles under my eyes. But there’s a L’Oréal Colour Riche lipstick—it’s a watermelon-y color that’s subtle, but it pops.”

Speaking on sharing beauty products with her husband Ryan Reynolds, Blake says she does like to pass on a few products but he doesn’t always believe that they’re expensive:

“Totally. It would be too strange for me to say, “These are my products.” But sometimes I’ll have lotion or something, and he’ll be like, “Hey, don’t give me this—I want the expensive stuff.” “It’s the same stuff. I’m not holding out on you.””