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Blake Lively Hides Behind Her Hair to Cope With Her Red Carpet Fears

Blake Lively may have had one of the best red carpet moments , when she wowed alongside her husband Ryan Reynolds as they both wore Gucci, but the actress has admitted that she finds stepping out in front of all of those photographers to be a terrifying experience. Blake says she often wears her hair slightly over her face because she feels more hidden and it makes the experience easier:

”I hide behind it a bit because red carpets can be intimidating. And when my hair is in my face, I feel less exposed.”

The former ‘Gossip Girl‘ star says she often lacks confidence and does her best to channel Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen, but she thinks the whole experience is often overwhelming:

”I am so not confident on the red carpet. I just sit there thinking, ‘What would Gisele do?’ It is such a sensory overload.”

Blake comments that she learned from Solange Knowles how best to approach the red carpet but she still doesn’t feel particularly comfortable with so many photographers taking her picture:

 ”I’ve seen Solange [Knowles] perform in front of 90,000 people and I saw her [at the Met Gala] and was thinking, ‘Oh, why do we do this? This red carpet is always so scary.’ I saw her take a deep breath and put her performance face on, and you really have to do that. I’m not comfortable as me standing in front of 500 photographers, so I have to go somewhere elseand pretend that I’m the confident person you hopefully expect me to be.”