Blake Lively Explains How She Styled Herself for Her Press Tour


Blake Lively is currently promoting her new film ‘The Age of Adaline’, but now that she is a mother to daughter James, the actress decided to cram the press tour into just two days instead of the usual two weeks it would normally take. Blake said that she fit in all of the appearances but had to change her outfit numerous times, and ended up wearing 11 different looks in a single day. The actress is one of the rare celebrities who doesn’t work with a stylist, so took it all on herself to plan the wardrobe. She commented on what it was like:

”Once upon a time, this was supposed to be a two-week press trip. But then life happened, and I had a baby, and suddenly I needed to condense two weeks of promotional appearances into two days. Serious: two days. So I changed the timeline, just not the wardrobe.”

She began planning everything in February and started off by looking at designer collections, selecting her favourites and then began the fitting process slowly:

”I started planning for this back in February. I selected easily over 500 looks from, various runways and even some past collections. I wound up calling in 256 outfits. If I had a stylist I’d just book one whole day of fittings, but instead I had to cram it in wherever I could. And in the end, I couldn’t even do all of it.”

Blake admits she couldn’t make it to all of the fittings herself, so instead enlisted her sister who is the same size as her. She reveals that she didn’t even get the chance to try everything on personally before wearing the outfits during appearances:

”My sister is the same size as I am, so I said to her, ‘Okay, you’re my fit model now! You try on half, and I’ll try on half! Go!’ If it looked good on her, I just assumed it would look good on me. So some of the stuff I’d never really tried on myself!”