Bitlife Guide: How to Complete Slice and Dice Challenge

Slice Dice BitLife Challenge
Images via Candywriter

Welcome to another exciting BitLife challenge! This week, we’re taking a dark turn with the Slice and Dice challenge, where you’ll need to engage in some illicit activities to complete the objectives. Don’t worry; we’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Bitlife Guide: How to Complete Slice and Dice Challenge

Before diving into the specifics, let’s outline the objectives you must complete for the Slice and Dice Challenge:

  1. Be born a male in Texas.
  2. Purchase 5+ weapons from the arms dealer.
  3. Attack 5+ individuals with weapons you’ve purchased.
  4. Un-alive someone with a katana.
  5. Sell a weapon.

Let’s break down each step to ensure you navigate this challenge with finesse.

Step 1: Be Born a Male in Texas

To kickstart the challenge, create a new character with the following attributes:

  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States
  • Place: Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a city in Texas, making it an ideal choice for this challenge. While not mandatory, possessing the crime special talent can be advantageous for the third and fourth objectives.

Once your character is created, age them up until they reach 18 to unlock access to the Black Market and initiate your life of crime.

Step 2: Purchase Weapons From an Arms Dealer

Note: Ensure you have the Black Market expansion pack, available for $10 in the game store.

With the Black Market expansion pack, head to Activities, then Black Market, and finally Arms Dealer. You can attempt one purchase per year, and additional attempts require watching a video.

Once in the Arms Dealer’s shop, you’ll have three options for each displayed weapon: purchase, haggle, or keep looking. Choose to purchase or haggle to acquire the desired weapon. Be cautious, as other buyers may enter the shop and bid on the same item. You can choose to offer more money, threaten and attack the person, or let it go and try again the following year. Maintain your character’s health and exercise caution during these interactions.

Make sure to buy at least five weapons, including a katana, to fulfill this part of the challenge.

Step 3: Using a Katana

Once you have a katana, initiate conflicts with various individuals. Use your katana and other weapons to attack them. Repeat this process until you deliver a fatal blow, fulfilling the katana task. Repeat the same process with the other weapons you purchased from the arms dealer at least four times to complete the third objective.

Step 4: Selling Weapons

After accomplishing the previous tasks and fulfilling the quest’s requirements, it’s time to sell one of your weapons. Navigate to Assets, select Belongings, and choose Weapons. Pick one of the weapons from your inventory and sell it to successfully finish the final task.

Once you have completed all of the objectives, the BitLife Slice and Dice challenge will be complete.