Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Reveals the Singer’s Makeup Secrets


Beyonce’s makeup artist, Francesca Tolot, has revealed the singer’s makeup secrets. She says that Beyonce can wear very minimal makeup and still look amazing with the right products. She says that for the ‘If I Were a Boy’ video, Beyonce used very few products to perfect her look and they simply highlighted her natural radiance with lipgloss, concealer and a good moisturizer:

“Even if we have to do a bare look, like for ‘If I Were A Boy’, there was practically no make-up there. For that, I use moisturizer and maybe a little bit of concealer and lip balm. I really love La Mer The Radiant Concealer. It’s nice- enough coverage, but it’s very moisturizing and it doesn’t dry or crease.”

Tolot says Beyonce swears by slicking on baby oil and later simply wiping it off. She says it soften skin and leaves it hydrated too:

“The ultimate use of baby oil… after you shoot, you just wipe it off with a towel and your skin is so nice and smooth and soft. And sometimes I mix in some shimmer to the oil.”

Beyonce is firmly in charge of her own makeup and Tolot says the singer will always have her own idea of how she wants to look or bring forward a theme present in the music through the beauty look:

“She’s very smart—whatever we do is her project. It’s her. Usually there’s a message in the song, which influences the way it’s going to be filmed, and the wardrobe, and the choreography… and that will inspire the look for the makeup.”