Best Weapons in Steelrising

What’s great about Steelrising is that you can keep upgrading one of the first weapons for a long time. Here are our picks for the best weapons for both the early and late stages of your Steelrising adventures.

Best Weapons in Steelrising

Discus Chain

Best Weapons in Steelrising 1
Due to its scaling and adaptability, this weapon is a good addition to your arsenal and ideal for an Engineer build. It can help you deal with hordes of enemies surrounding you because of its extremely quick spinning attack. It also has a respectable Impact statistic and scales with Power and Agility.

The Discus Chain cannot be unlocked in any other way in the game, which is why it receives an honorable mention. However, you can get it for £2.49.

Nemesis Claws

Best Weapons in Steelrising 2
Nemesis Claws is one of the first weapons available from the Boutique. It’s an excellent weapon for quick combat, with a B scaling and Agility Affinity. Continue to improve it, and you’ll have one of the best Agility Weapons in the game.

Counterattack, one of its special moves, enables a very mobile playstyle. You can move around, avoid attacks, and add a few reversals while dealing a lot of Physical Damage.

Wheel Of Vengeance

Best Weapons in Steelrising 3
A fantastic weapon for both the early and late game. It complements any Power build, such as Soldier or Bodyguard. This weapon is slow, but it does a lot of damage in a single hit.

It is a weapon with a high Impact stat that deals a lot of damage. Furthermore, it scales with Agility, Alchemy, and Power, but primarily with Power. Its special ability is Counterattack, with astunning 600 Impact stat.

To get it, go to the Pier next to the Factorio district. Then do some parkour and jump across the bridge. Take a left and descend the stairs. The Wheel of Vengeance is located in the tower’s chest.

Falchion and Sabre

Best Weapons in Steelrising 4
The Falchion and Sabre are among the first weapons sold at the Boutique. It deals a lot of Physical Damage and has a high chance of Impact and Immobilization. Aegis not only looks cool, but it can also perform a beautiful spinning attack. A fantastic weapon to complement our primary.

This dual weapon has a medium weight. When upgraded, it becomes extremely powerful.

Frosted Fans

Frost is one of the most powerful elemental effects in Steelrising. The special move of this weapon is Invocation of Ice. It infuses the fans with frost and allows you to deal a lot of Alchemical Damage to enemies.

Power, Agility, and Alchemy are all reduced by Frosted Fans. This weapon doesn’t deal the most damage, but its special ability allows you to freeze your opponents. Its late-game effectiveness is enhanced by the three attribute scaling.

Fire Chain

Overall, Fire Chain is a very effective weapon. It scales well with Alchemy, Agility and Power. It is a medium-type weapon with Invocation of Fire as its special ability. By using the Burn effect, you can ignite your enemies by fusing fire into your weapon.

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is a ranged weapon that deals frost damage from afar. The enemy is frozen after only three or four shots, leaving it vulnerable to your attacks.

It’s a fantastic weapon to have, especially when combined with something in your secondary slot that allows you to use the opening created by the frozen effect. Its unique ability allows you to summon a frost shield in front of you, which deals damage if it comes into contact with an enemy.

Make your way through the gardens before heading to Paris. This weapon is located in a chest near the bridge.