Best Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

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Remote employees have become quite a common part of the workforce of most of the company these days. Even though this allows companies to increase their workforce while employees do not have to worry about things like moving to new cities or traveling every day, having a remote workforce can also benefit organizations as this allows them to save up resources required to cater to the needs of employees that work from the office.

Despite the benefits, it is difficult for organizations to fully understand how much time a remote employee spends doing a specific task. A recent survey revealed that some remote employees waste as many as 1400 working hours per year. This is not just due to the comfort and distraction that being at home provides, but it can also be due to the lack of a proper office environment. This is why companies need to focus on increasing the productivity of remote employees.

Need For Increased Productivity In Employees

Despite most of the workforce currently working remote jobs, many companies feel that their remote employees need a morality boost to increase their productivity. According to the survey, more than 42% of American remote workers have admitted using explicit websites on their work devices. Similarly, almost 40% of the surveyed employees admitted to gambling on their work devices.

These are not the only things that distract remote workers while working. From online shopping to planning vacations, remote workers access their work devices for everything they can. However, the most difficult part is that they tend to do so during working hours which inadvertently decreases their productivity. So here are some ways companies can try to boost productivity among remote employees.

How To Boost Productivity Among Employees

It can not be denied that if an employee is caught doing certain activities on their work device, they will have to face some consequences. Be it a training program, a verbal or written warning, or straight-up termination, remote employees are putting their jobs at risk by indulging in external activities during work hours.

To increase the productivity of remote employees, employers must consider the fact that the employee might simply be unhappy with the tasks that they have to do or the amount of work that is expected of them. Ever since remote working became a thing, a lot of workers have stated that it has become almost impossible for them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Not only are remote workers expected to work outside work hours in most situations, but they are also under a lot of stress due to the increased work quantity.

The primary factor that can help remote workers feel more inclined to work during work hours is if they have a strict schedule. That also includes no work tasks should be given after work hours so that employees can have a personal life as well. It can be said that since workers do not have strict work boundaries, they tend to slack off and use their work time for doing personal activities. Their logic behind this is that they are expected to work outside of work hours.

In order to boost productivity for remote workers, it is important to set clear expectations. Defining what is expected of employees and what they need to accomplish will make their responsibilities more straightforward and promote better focus at work. It is essential to establish achievable goals and deadlines which will provide remote workers with a clear goal to strive for. This will, in turn, promote productivity and focus.

The best way to resolve the issue so remote workers do not feel burdened while employers do not have to think about the lack of productivity is to reintroduce work-related rules. These can include strict work hours, reasonable workloads and deadlines, and specific rules regarding the use of work devices for personal work. This way, employers will not have to worry about remote workers wasting their time, while remote employees will have a healthier work-life balance, essentially increasing their productivity.


There have been many skeptics who question the functionality of remote employees. A survey uncovers that many remote employees tend to use work devices provided to them to do other activities. This is why creating a more productive schedule for remote employees is necessary. This not only includes setting certain boundaries related to work hours but also providing daily tasks without burdening the employee. It can include shopping online, gaming, watching movies and shows, and even accessing porn websites.

Many remote-working employees stated they are looking for other job alternatives since they are unhappy at their current job. This can be due to huge amounts of work or simply because they have to continue working outside of working hours. Additionally, the lack of a proper working environment also plays a huge role in the decreased productivity of remote employees.