Best Accessories for This Summer: Michael Kors Women’s Sunglasses

Posted by tuan on August 22nd, 2018

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There is something very fancy about having a luxury pair of sunglasses. This is probably going back to the golden age of cinema where divas were wearing them as accessories even when it was not necessary. But nowadays, most people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. However, they are still used to make a fashion statement by some people, in styles ranging from aviators, cat-eyes, or rectangular to oval, oversized, or round.

Sunglasses are still one of the best accessories for summer and especially loved by women. The famous brand Michael Kors has always been renowned for its high-quality sunglasses. Perfect for any face shape and size, their sunglasses protect you from UV rays while making you look incredible. However, it may still be difficult to choose the perfect pair with so many options around. Check out this article about the best Michael Kors women sunglasses out there. There you will find detailed info on the famous brand’s 8 best-selling women’s shades this year and which one may be the best for you.

The Adrianna Sunglasses

This beautiful pair of Michael Kors sunglasses is made entirely of metal, with gorgeous flash lenses that offer 100% UV protection, and also comes with its own case. They come in a variety of colors and are very versatile. It is one of those sunglasses that you can wear both when you’re going to the beach or going out with your friends. They go well with any outfit and will certainly be the center of attention wherever you go. This style might best suit people with round faces.

The Grayton Sunglasses

These plastic-framed sunglasses from Michael Kors have a rounded shape and a double brow bar, perfect for people with oval or longer faces. This pair is both timeless and modern, offering a chic vibe and sophistication to whomever is wearing them. You can wear them all year long, regardless of the season, because they come in more colors. However, they look best during summer days, out in the sun. Speaking of summer, you should also check these celebrity beauty tips and tricks for this season.

The St. Lucia Sunglasses

The St. Lucia sunglasses from Michael Kors with their beautiful cutouts make the fashionable cat-eye shape even more sophisticated. The pair has strong metallic frames, comes with its own case, and offers 100% UV protection, as do all the other Michael Kors sunglasses. They come in three different colors and are perfect for both the seaside and the city. Versatile and beautiful, this accessory will certainly make you the star of any event. Here are some other trendy sunglasses to wear this summer.

The Austin Sunglasses

The iconic aviator style looks a lot more modern with these sunglasses that have a unique acetate trim and durable metallic frames. Rose gold seems to be people’s favorite color for this special pair, which can give you an effortlessly cool look. They also come with their own case and offer 100% UV protection, which should be mandatory each time you are shopping for a new pair of sunglasses.

The Destin Sunglasses

Want to add a chic vibe to your every outfit? Then you should definitely choose these oversized sunglasses with a plastic frame which come in three different versions: black, clear, and brown. This pair is also for the edgier fashion lovers because the frames have understated studs. This touch makes these sunglasses perfect for almost every occasion, but most importantly, they look good on almost every face shape. They are the perfect summer accessory without any doubt.

The Abela II Sunglasses

This pair of Michael Kors sunglasses reinvents the timeless cat-eye shape into a more glamorous one. Its protective lenses have a very slim bridge detail and come in either dark tortoise or a black and white color. They are perfect for going out in the city on a hot summer day, or for wearing while you are carefreely sipping a cocktail on the beach. They are very comfortable and fit almost any face shape. Even if they are made of metal, the frames are not heavy at all, which makes the sunglasses very comfortable to wear for hours.

The Polynesia Sunglasses

This special pair of sunglasses is truly one of a kind while also being versatile and easy to wear on a daily basis, especially in the summer. The tortoise plastic frames with the elegant Michael Kors logo make for a very stylish pair of shades. Its thick rims are unique and have the power to make any outfit a lot more glamorous. Take them everywhere with you and just watch heads turn.

All in all, it seems that choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for the summer might be a difficult task, but thankfully, there are brands like Michael Kors, which are always launching exciting models. This doesn’t make your choice any easier, but it offers plenty of alternatives for the hot season.

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