Beauty Trend to Try: Top 5 Refreshing Cleansing Oils

Cleansing oils have been creeping in to the beauty spotlight as of late as an alternative to wash-off cleansers and creams. Gentle and naturally hydrating, oils don’t dry out skin while also targeting make-up, impurities and anything else left behind on skin after a long day. Here is a run through the top 5 oil cleansers available that are top rated. 

  1. Shu Uemura High Performance Cleansing Oil

Shu Uemura High Performance Cleansing Oil is the company’s newly updated formula from their ‘classic’ oil which removes even waterproof make-up: “Evolved from the original Shu Uemura cleansing oil, “Classic” is reformulated with an advanced High Performance Cleansing Oil system for significantly improved removability of waterproof make-up.” 

  1. Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil is a luxurious oil cleanser with floral extract:  “Luxury meets simplicity – Bobbi’s Soothing Cleansing Oil is a quick yet luxurious way to cleanse skin. Made with soothing jasmine flower extract (sourced directly from France), moisturizing kukui nut oil, and a blend of Italian olive, organic sunflower and jojoba oils to dissolve surface impurities and makeup without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.” 

  1. Clinique Cleansing Oil

Clinique Cleansing Oil targets makeup and impurities, gently removing all make-up and dirt: “This powerful oil dissolves all traces of makeup and impurities. Recommended for all skin types, it easily glides on and rinses off cleanly with water, leaving no residue behind. “ 

  1. Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil

Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil can be used on dry or wet skin to take makeup off and it doesn’t leave behind residue:  “Applied to dry or damp skin, the Cleansing Oil gently dissolves even the most stubborn face and eye makeup.  This exquisitely fine, highly soluble oil is instantly eliminated upon rinsing, without leaving any oily residue.  By preserving the skin’s natural hydration, it delivers gentle but high-performance cleansing results. Clean and clarified, the complexion regains its pure radiance.” 

  1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mineral Oil

Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Mineral Oil is a basic but effective cleansing oil that is also natural: “Experience luxury in a cleanser. Purity made simple mineral oil-free facial cleansing oil is designed to comfortably cleanse, nurture skin, and provide superior makeup removal. A deep-cleansing blend of natural oils melt away all traces of makeup, dirt, oil and impurities, while maintaining skin’s natural moisture levels.”