Beauty tips from hollywood star Jessica Chastain

Actress Jessica Chastain, who is known for films such as Tree of Life, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Molly’s Game, and many more revealed her beauty secrets and how much she loves red lipstick. Chastain is also known for her activism work. She is a supporter of Time’s Up movement, an advocate for LGBTQ rights. The actress has a major role in the Ralph Lauren #LeadLikeAWoman campaign that focuses on the debate about the lack of women in leadership positions. She says that feminism does not try to limit women to a certain kind of behavior or social status. Any kind of style, makeup, and choice that a woman chooses for herself is acceptable. She says that fragrance is a “confidence-booster” for her. She also has different fragrances for different characters that she has portrayed over the years. She says that choosing a fragrance for a character helps her feel more in the body of the character. She likes the smell of the flower tuberose. She recalls how an admirer sent her flowers once. She did not know what tuberose was back then, but when in a couple of days, the flowers started to bloom, she was magnified by the smell of those flowers.

It is interesting to know what her fragrance choice for Molly Bloom’s character was. Jessica Chastain’s latest film “Molly’s Game” is about a very smart, very talented woman, who was a professional skier and after an accident had to quit sports. Jessica mentioned that she was in need of a few make-up artists to look-alike Molly Bloom. Jessica’s character started working as a personal assistant to a man that organized private high-stakes poker nights for the rich and influential. After having a disagreement with him, she started her own game. She rented a suite in a hotel, hired top bartenders, texted the regulars of the poker nights that she used to organize with her ex-boss that the poker event of that night would take place in a different location. The part of the film depicting how she starts running her own games is outstanding. At the peak of her empire, Molly was giving high roller bonus options for celebrity and A-level players. Jessica’s acting simply shows what it takes to organize a high-stakes poker night with VIP guests. Molly thinks everything through, the drinks, the cigars, the bartenders memorize what the favorite drinks of the guests are and they pull off very glamorous poker nights. 

The best beauty advice Jessica Chastain got was from Sissy Spacek, while working on the film The Help when she told her that she does not have to wear a foundation every day. She was glad to let her freckles shine through. She always wears sunscreen. The actress says that she does not like working out so sometimes she prefers to skip the gym and stay in bed. She likes other physical activities such as hiking, yoga, and dancing. When she goes out for an evening she has to have red lipstick on. Ms. Chastain does not like heavy makeup, she prefers to have a natural face color and red lips. Her tip for applying red lipstick on is to put it on a finger first and then put it on the lips, instead of using a tube for applying it right on the lips. She suggests applying Vitamin C to the face before using sunscreen. She never has an urge to change her natural hair color. Many characters that she portrays in the movies have a different hair color so she does not lack that in personal life. In the movie The Help, she is blond, in Molly’s Game a brunette and in X-men: The Dark Phoenix she has almost white-blond hair and eyebrows. The actress also likes using coconut oil for her skincare and hair care. She named her grandmother as the most glamorous person she has ever met.