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Beauty Effects Of Ice Cubes

A lot of people have already known that ice cubes help to shrink pores, but in fact, there are also many other uses of ice that only a few people know. Try one of these following suggestions and verify ice’s magical benefits yourself.

Efficient supporter of makeup

Ice cubes make your skin look rosier

If you have to go out and have no time for makeup, ice cubes are your saviors. These ice cubes bring you the feeling of a moisturized and cool skin, and make your skin even more radiant without makeup.

And here is the tip: Before applying make-up, wrap an ice cube in a cloth and rub on your face. Ice cubes help constrict your pores, make your face smoother and keep the makeup stay for long hours and fresh.

Treat sunburn

Wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and rub on the sunburn affected areas and you will feel an instant relief. This is also a tip to prevent your skin from darkening by the sunlight.

Relieve pain

Thanks to ice cubes, eyebrow trimming is no longer so much painful

Eyebrow trimming is an indispensable beauty step of women, and it’s undeniable that this will bring you an entirely unpleasant feeling. In this case, rub an ice cube on the eyebrows to numb the area temporarily and reduce the pain. Repeat this after finishing trimming to prevent red bumps on eyebrows.

You can also apply this method to hair-removal areas to relieve the pain.

Tone your breasts

Pour some milk into a clean ice tray and put it into the refrigerator. Then, use these milk ice cubes to massage your breasts slowly. This makes your breasts smoother, softer and more toned.

Savior to tired eyes with dark circles

Waking up with a pair of puffy eyes with dark circles is a terrible nightmare to women. Luckily, you now can use ice cubes right in your refrigerator to dispel this nightmare.

The simplest way is to wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and rub around your eyes. The cold steam will make you feel refresh and helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes.

More sophisticatedly, boil rose water and mix it with cucumber juice, then pour the mixture into an ice tray and put it in the refrigerator. Freeze the mixture and wrap the ice cubes in a cloth and rub under eye circles. This will help in fading away dark circles.

Prevent aging

In the morning, instead of using water to wash your face, you can use some cool ice cubes. Rubbing these cold ice cubes on your face facilitates blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin, iron out wrinkles and bring you a natural and radiant rosy white skin.

Use a medium sized ice cube and rub it on your face and neck in different directions. Then clean your face by a soft towel and apply your daily face lotion.

Constrict pores; reduce acnes and excess oil on your skin

Rub the ice cubes wrapped in the cloth on the swollen skin areas in one or two minutes. Until the skin is numb by the cold, stop for a minute and then continue to rub the ice cubes. Ice cubes will help to relieve the irritation and discomfort caused by acnes. With this method, you can eliminate acnes within three days.

Ice cubes will help to relieve the irritation and discomfort caused by acnes

Don’t be afraid to rub the ice cubes on your face and combine with facial massage every day. This will help to shrink the epidermis, constrict pores and reduce excess oil on your face without too much sophisticated care.

Exfoliate dead skin

Pureed cucumber, tomatoes or mango, watermelon… then add some water and pour it in an ice tray and put it in the refrigerator. In the evening, you can use these ice cubes made from fruits to rub on your face to exfoliate dead skin and provide nutrients for your skin with vitamins contained in the fruits.

Exfoliating dead skin by combining between fruit and ice cubes is a very effective way

Reduce belly fat

Ice can promote fat burning process and help to strengthen connective tissues in the abdomen. Therefore, to get a slim waistline, rub the ice cubes wrapped in a cloth on the abdomen. Remember, don’t rub the ice cubes when you are too full or in cold weather as this will cause abdominal pain.