Bachelor star Kiki Morris gives a VERY racy message while clad just in her lingerie after relocating to Ibiza to film OnlyFans with her Spanish model fiancé

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The former executive assistant won The Challenge in December, and she and her fiance, a Spanish fitness model named Jorge Darek, have since relocated to the island of Ibiza.

Moving to Ibiza to film OnlyFans with her Spanish model fiancé, former Bachelor star Kiki Morris offers a very raunchy message while wearing only her lingerie

Kiki Morris has gone through a lot of changes since her love triangle with Ciarran Stott on The Bachelor in Paradise.

The couple built their own OnlyFans account together, complete with explicit sex films of the two, to help them financially while they were living abroad.

Kiki appeared to preview a future video with Jorge by posting an X-rated message to her account on Friday.

The 35-year-old commented, “How else do you get your man to leave the gym and come home?” while posing in skimpy black underwear in front of the mirror.

The beauty model revealed in 2016 that she had a breast job due to bullying over her perceived “flat chest” in high school.

“I used to get teased for being so flat-chested,” she added, adding that having the treatment “certainly helped me feel less self-conscious”.

Kiki is a fan of Botox and dermal fillers in addition to plastic surgery.

The 35-year-old took home $100,000 after winning The Challenge last year

She had Botox injections in 2017 to correct the appearance of her jaw and to ease the tension in the muscles there.