As Selena Gomez poses with kidney donor Francia Raisa, she teases ‘exciting news’ following their feud

The reunion of Selena Gomez with her kidney donor Francia Raisa has left fans stunned and elated in equal measure.

As a result of Lupus complications, Selena’s kidney failed in 2017. In 2017, How I Met Your Father actress Michelle Rodriguez donated her kidney to the singer.

Since then, Selena and Justin have engaged in an ongoing feud of their own, said to have been sparked two years after Selena’s surgery.

In a selfie, Selena shared, the two were snuggled up at a bowling alley, appearing to smooth over any cracks.

As Selena Gomez poses with kidney donor Francia Raisa, she teases 'exciting news' following their feud
(Image: @selenagomez/Instagram)

They both wore matching black outfits emblazoned with the phrase: “No beef, just salsa,” a nod to their disagreement.

Taking to Instagram, she announced: “Exciting news coming next Monday…”.

There was immediate response to the teasing snap, with one fan bluntly writing: “Y’all didn’t.”

Another joked: “Well, that’s a public reconciliation if you ask me.”

There was another comment that read: “The cutest girls together. Love you two a lot,”

while another added, “It’s so good to see my faves back together!”

Another fan noted: “I’m so glad I can see them again!”

(Image: @selenagomez/Instagram)

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About Selena Gomez :

Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is a singer, actress, producer, and entrepreneur from the United States. Having started her acting career on the children’s TV show Barney & Friends, Selena Marie Gomez rose to fame as Alex Russo on the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Her career began with children’s television shows Barney & Friends (2002-2004), where she was a child actress. For her role as Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place (2007–2012), she rose to prominence and became a teen idol. In addition to releasing three commercially successful studio albums as the lead singer of Selena Gomez & the Scene, she became the voice of the pop rock band Selena Gomez & the Scene.