Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event – Release date time, new skins & new LTM mode

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Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event

Everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event, including the release date and time, new LMT mode, and skins, is right here.

Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event – Release date & time

The Veiled Collection Event will begin at the times listed below:

  • April 25 at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET, 5 pm UTC, 7 pm CET
  • April 26 at 4 am JST,5 am AEST.

The event will take place until May 9.

New LMT mode – TDM Unshielded Deadeye

Unshielded Deadeye introduces a rotation in player loadout for each match, so once the round begins, you will be given one of the weapon sets listed below at random to demonstrate your skills on the battlefield:

  • Wingman and 30-30 Repeater
  • Hemlok and G7 Scout
  • Kraber and Sentinel

In this twisted version of Team Deathmatch, you won’t be able to use protective gear like shields, helmets, or care packages. If one team gets to 50 eliminations first, they win. While playing the new time-limited mode, you can also earn event-themed rewards such as weapon skins and in-game currencies by leveling up your battle pass and adding them to your dedicated reward tracker.

New skins

Following the event’s start, the Store tab will be refreshed four times during the event, offering new Legends skin sets twice per week. New legendary skins for Wattson, Rampart, Gibraltar, and other Legends will be available, all of which can be unlocked with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals.

All the Apex Legends bundles and skins being added and removed from the Store for the Veiled Collection event are detailed below:

April 25 – April 28:

  • Soiree Away¬†(Rampart) Bundle
  • Court Executioner¬†(Gibraltar) Bundle
  • Combat Survivalist¬†(Lifeline) Bonus Bundle
  • Heroic Command¬†(New Castle) Bundle
  • Elegant Mechanics¬†(Pathfinder)¬†Skin
  • Recoil Control¬†(Rampart)
  • Freebooter¬†(Seer) Unlock Bundle

April 28 – May 2:

  • Soiree Away¬†(Rampart) Bundle
  • Court Executioner¬†(Gibraltar) Bundle
  • A Gaze Eternal¬†(Ash) Bundle
  • Mechameleon¬†(Pathfinder) Bundle
  • Maori Warrior¬†(Mad Maggie) Bundle
  • Spread the Wealth¬†(Wattson)
  • Hypnotic Nightmare¬†(Valkyrie) Unlock Bundle

May 2 – May 5:

  • Soiree Away¬†(Rampart) Bundle
  • Court Executioner¬†(Gibraltar) Bundle
  • Amethyst Bundle¬†(Bangalore) Bundle
  • Dread Navigator¬†(Bloodhound) Bundle
  • Seeing Red¬†(Revenant) Bundle
  • Nevermore¬†(Bloodhound)
  • Hardened Circuitry¬†(Crypto) Unlock Bundle

May 5 – May 9:

  • Soiree Away¬†(Rampart) Bundle
  • Court Executioner¬†(Gibraltar) Bundle
  • Synthetic Huntress¬†(Ash) Bonus Bundle
  • Jaeger¬†(Caustic) Bonus Bundle
  • Haute Hoplite¬†(Loba) Bundle
  • Run the World¬†(Loba)
  • Data Leak¬†(Mirage) Unlock Bundle

You can get Caustic’s new Prestige skin in three different rarities for free if you collect all 24 Veiled Collection Event cosmetics. The final tier includes a badass Toxic Scream finisher that could give your eliminations a new flavor.