Apex Legends Leak skins, cosmetics for Season 14 collection event

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Apex Legends Season 14 : Leaked skins and cosmetics

Apex Legends season 14 release date and time

Apex Legends Season 14 will start on August 9, 2022, exactly three months after Saviors arrived in the Outlands.

Apex Legends leak teases possible skins and cosmetics for an unannounced Season 14 collection event. The codename is “HunterPredator”, which makes sense since Season 14 is called Hunted.

What is coming in Season 14?

The new Legend Vantage, whose scout-style kit was revealed in the main leak in Season 12, will be the character for Season 14.

Sometimes these gathering events bring new or old LTMs or even changes to POIs. If there is a family heirloom, it is very likely that the Legend receiving the inheritance will be given a new “zone” where Respawn trades in a current POI.

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