Anna Camp Prefers Minimal Summer Hair and Makeup

‘True Blood’ star Anna Camp has opened up on how she likes to style her hair and makeup. The actress says that for summer, she tries to keep her beauty routine quite simple, and when it comes to hair, she usually opts for a simple bun at the top of her head. When she’s going out for the night, she likes to add relaxed beachy waves to give herself a new look:

“I like to put my hair right on top of my head because it’s the easiest thing to do, and it’s great for the summer. If I have to go out, I’ll grab a curling iron and do the beachy wave look.”

When it comes to makeup, Anna is just as relaxed, and prefers to wear just a very light layer. She thinks this helps her avoid any major beauty blunders because she thinks less can go wrong: “For make-up, I like to go really light. The less you wear, the less it has a chance to get messed up!” Speaking on the fashion trends she’s liking for the season ahead, Anna says she hopes to pick up a pair of overalls because they’re making a comeback: “I don’t have any yet, but overalls are coming back and the little short ones are super cute and comfortable.”

Anna is set to star in the second ‘Pitch Perfect’ film and hinted that she thinks fans will find it hilarious: “In the second movie – I can’t quite talk about it, but there were some definitely amazing funny things that we got to shoot, and everybody got a little dirty. I think people are going to laugh a lot.”