Amy Childs Now Loves Natural Makeup, Regrets ‘Caked On’ Look


‘The Only Way is Essex’ star Amy Childs has revealed how much she regrets her past ‘caked on’ beauty looks while appearing on the reality tv show. She comments that her focus has now shifted to a much more natural look, although she does still enjoy getting completely glammed up, and loves the current makeup trends for contoured faces. Amy commented:

“When I did ‘TOWIE’ we were so new to it and we were so caked in make-up. The more TV the more make-up. And no, it isn’t better. ”I think now it’s about being a bit more natural and I love being glam but still, you do it in a different way, and I love all the contouring now.”

Amy adds that she makes sure to always take good care of her skin and does her best to always remove her makeup:

”I’m very OCD with my skin. My top tip, always take your make-up off.”

The reality star is set to take a front row seat during the upcoming London Fashion Week and she explains that she loves to attend designer’s fashion shows so she can get ahead of the trends when designing her own clothing range. Amy says she is now very focused on the design process:

”I go there and look at all the new trends. For me I have to look at what’s going on. It’s about having quite a good eye and I look and think, ‘How can I make it into an Amy Childs dress?’ And it’s taken me a while to be able to do that.”