Alicia Keys Says Perfume Brings “Love And Good Memories”


Singer Alicia Keys, who is the current face of Givenchy’s Dahlia Divin scent, has commented on how perfume often brings her many good memories and can quickly evoke feelings just by smelling a familiar scent in the air. She remembers precisely the fragrances her grandmother and mother wore during her childhood and says those scents often “come back” to her regularly which is a unique experience:

“Certain scents evoke comfort and familiarity. My grandmother’s scent was gardenia and my mother’s was white musk. Even now, they fill me with love and good memories because both my mother and my grandmother are tremendous inspirations to me. As you grow up, those scents tend to come back to you in different ways.”

Alicia likes to take just a moment to herself to spritz on a perfume, because she is often too busy to take time off for herself but she thinks that applying a fragrance is a way of remembering to pause and breathe before beginning a new day:

“I wear perfume often – it’s part of getting ready. As a working mother, sometimes I’m too busy to remember to take time for myself, but perfume can be a wonderful reminder to take a minute, breath and face the day.”

She jokes that although she sometimes has trouble pronouncing ‘Dahlia Divin’, she thinks the message behind the scent is inspiring:

“Any one of the above is good. As long as you get the Dahlia part fine, and then you know that it’s basically that you’re divine and you’re a beautiful, divine soul.”