Alexa Chung Thinks It’s “Crazy” That People Copy Her Hairstyle


British beauty Alexa Chung is frequently named as a style icon. Her influence is so great, that people don’t only want to copy her clothes – they want to get her entire look, which extends to her hairstyle too. Speaking on people copying her hair, Alexa believes it makes little sense because her hair is actually very thin and not as nice in reality. She even jokes that her hair has begun to look like a “mullet” and isn’t nice to touch. She commented:

“Do you know how crazy that is?! Because if you touch my hair, I only have about three strands – it’s so fine. In my mind I look like Gisele, but in reality I look like someone with half a mullet.”

Alexa’s hair hasn’t changed all that much in recent years and she says she is starting to worry about her “signature look” because she doesn’t want to get in to a rut like her mother, who has kept the same hairdo for years. She laughed about her current style, saying that it’s important to always change things up:

“I always get worried because my mum has had the same haircut for 30 years. It’s cool to have a signature look, but I worry that I’m just going to have the same hairstyle forever. I think it’s important to change and always be evolving.”

Speaking on her makeup choices, Alexa adds that she isn’t a big fan of powder blush because she thinks it can dry out the skin, so she prefers cream products:

“I don’t like powder blusher because I’m paranoid that if you rub powder into your face it’ll get drier and drier. Stila’s cream blush has a subtle, sheer texture.”