Alexa Chung Speaks on NYC Inspired Nails Inc Collection


Alexa Chung has opened up on her recent Nails Inc collaboration collection, explaining that it was inspired by the city of New York. Alexa is based in NYC and has noticed how big nail art has become recently, with nail bars springing up everywhere. She explained that she thinks it can be a fun and social experience to have your nails done now:

”Nails are so huge in New York, there’s a nail bar on every corner and it’s cheap, so you hang out there with your friends. So many of my ideas for my collection with Nails Inc came from living in New York.”

The ‘IT’ author revealed that working closely on special custom products with beauty companies has some great upsides because she gets to pick the exact shades and finishes she has always wanted in her products but could never find. Alexa gushed about the process:

”The best part about being their global ambassador is naming the products, like NailKale. I was also obsessed with getting this mink colour [Cashmere] right – it’s the perfect off-neutral to go with everything. I needed to do a red-lace nail polish to match an Erdem dress that I was in love with, but never bought – it was the one that got away – but that’s what’s so cool about beauty. You can do anything.”

Alexa also thinks there is a very different attitude to beauty in London and NYC. She thinks New Yorkers have a weird approach to having a breakout:

”When I moved to New York, I realized how differently they view beauty. In the UK, you’re like, ‘Argh, don’t look at me, I have a spot on my face.’ Americans will say, ‘Just to let you know, I’ve got an appointment with my dermatologist at 3pm to have cortisone put in this.’ It’s amazing and you have to embrace it for its weirdness.”