Alessandra Ambrosio Adds Swimwear Collection to ‘Ále by Alessandra’

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Brazilian top model Alessandra Ambrosio is expanding her Ále by Alessandra label to include a new swimwear collection which will include a total of 75 new designs. Taking inspiration from her own home country, Alessandra explains that she designed swimwear with figure-flaunting cuts and also more wearable pieces. She adds that it was a very natural move to start producing swimwear pieces because she grew up spending so much time on the beach:

”Being from Brazil I grew up spending a lot of time by the beach so it was only natural that my collection expends to swimwear. Brazilians are a bit more liberal with their swim choices, especially when it comes to cuts, so I incorporated both Brazilian and American cuts into this collection.”

Alessandra likes to feel comfortable in swimwear designs, and so she’s created a wide range of different styles and cuts so everyone can find something that they feel good in. She also made sure they were made from high quality, lasting material so the’re good value and very durable:

”It is very important to feel comfortable while wearing swimwear, and that is why I incorporated many different shapes and very comfortable fabrics into this collection. I went one step further by making sure that the pieces are very durable and will last for years.”

Advising people on where to look for the most flattering swim pieces, Alessandra commented on where she usually picks up her best fitting designs:

”There are a few pieces from Forever on Vacation, Palm Summer and Joshua Tree styles that are perfect for anyone.”