AI & The Future Of Legitimate Content Creation

Bombshell allegations have rocked the media world this week as Sports Illustrated has faced a string of accusations regarding the content on their site. Many of the articles were credited to AI-generated names and images, and the content fell into the same series of accusations. While it might seem it’s a battle between fresh, original writing and the hyper, lightning-fast instant creation of long-form work that AI bots can churn out, many writers use the tools to their advantage without resorting to complete plagiarism. 

Perhaps what is so unique in the case of Sports Illustrated, which has since removed any evidence of the articles or these AI-generated individuals, is the sheer audacity of the act. Ultimately, what does it say to the future of legitimate sports journalism, and would you be able to tell the difference yourself?

The Inevitable Rise Of AI & Other Disruptive Innovations

A disruptive innovation is an invention so profound that it completely changes the culture and the foundations of society as we know it. Smartphones and the internet are the two most recent examples that have caused such a tremendous societal footprint; as we look to the future, economists and technology experts are now of the credence that AI will be next and other markets such as cryptocurrency have the potential to enact similar levels of change in the financial sector. 

Ultimately, the measure of the impact will revolve around how much the general population gets behind it. But with so much money pouring into the industry, it might be a case of learning to swim and adapt to the technology rather than anybody having a say in it. The current banking system is moving to a digital-first approach, with many physical buildings shutting their doors and leaving computer-illiterate older members of society out in the cold. Cryptocurrency is a payment system that relies completely on the internet and the blockchain but has started to see a spike in general usage, particularly for those looking to play casino gaming, where Bitcoin casino games like poker are finding a significant, fresh audience.

The casino industry might end up with a mutiny on its hands, given that cryptocurrency casinos allow roulette, blackjack, and poker players to deposit their funds instantly without any involvement from their bank. All payments are validated on the blockchain, so those looking to play poker can transfer from their crypto wallet and instantly direct it into the wallet of the casino provider, like the Ignition online poker games that have already shown promise within the sector. While traditionalist may be more deep-rooted in their ways, the growing demand for cryptocurrency poker shows that the design of this new version of poker certainly has legs.

Potential Drawbacks Of AI – Is Content Writing At Threat?

Aside from the scandalous incident that has unfolded at Sports Illustrated recently, there seems to be an emphasis on using these tools rather than actively working against them. While any writer or content creator depending completely on AI is fraudulently advertising their abilities and skills, many do use it for research and to smash through their writer’s block, which is entirely legitimate.

However, there is a legitimate concern that AI is beginning to cause real issues within the writing profession. One professional author recently stated that books in her name have recently started appearing on Amazon, which is a worrying development. The concern for writers, whether professional authors or content writers, is that these issues will emerge more often and pose a credible threat to the entire industry.

Final Thoughts

Content creators have been able to navigate around the initial stages of AI implementation, but a lot still remains unknown. We are already seeing changes in finance, healthcare, and gaming where AI is being used in development stages, but content writing could be another one of the sectors completely lost to AI within the next couple of decades. While it might not be able to perform certain aspects of content writing, and there are still crucial elements of the industry that have to be human-supervised, it is a concern for content writers in the long run.

The short-term prospects for content creators still look reasonably positive, and there are many other jobs that have emerged in content writing through AI. Many companies are looking for editors who can tweak AI articles, and other companies are happy for writers to use AI in their research. However, this dilutes the industry’s overall quality and is generally poorly paid, so many approach these roles cautiously.

Other angles of content creation have been impacted by AI, too, including videos, music, and art. The future of AI is exciting, but there needs to be an approach brimmed with cautious optimism. Some AI experts predict that millions of jobs will be replaced by AI over the next 20 years, and content creators could be one of the first in the firing line.