New farming strategy allows Destiny 2 players to quickly wipe out Raid Boss

destiny 2 raid boss farming strategy

Destiny 2 players discover a powerful farming strategy to quickly defeat Raid Boss Kalli the Corrupted using a combination of forgotten exotics.

New farming strategy allows Destiny 2 players to quickly wipe out Raid Boss

The Raid Boss we were referring to is Kalli the Corrupted, the first boss of the Last Wish raid that came out in September 2018 with the Forsaken expansion.

Over time, players have developed a variety of farming strategies for this raid boss, but nothing has been as successful as the use of two forgotten exotics—Izanagi’s Burden and Celestial Nighthawk—to quickly and easily kill him.

Even though this exotic sniper rifle is a good choice for many bosses, including easy ones like Kalli the Corrupted, it was the addition of Celestial Nighthawk that ended up significantly improving the group’s new raiding strategy. With the help of the exotic Hunter helmet, the Gunslinger’s Golden Gun can be used as a single-shot cannon, giving the party more than enough firepower to quickly dispatch Kalli the Corrupted. Their success demonstrates that even without the best raiding exotics, players can still steamroll some bosses in Destiny 2.

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