9 Healthy Habits of a Confident Woman

Certain women exude an air of confidence without even trying. But how do they do it? Believe it or not, women who come across confident have several traits and healthy habits that make them appear as so. 

And if you’re looking to appear more confident yourself, you can simply follow along with some of their manners and qualities. What are those exactly? From wearing shapewear beneath a power suit to uplifting those around you, here are nine healthy habits of a confident woman. 

1. She Speaks Her Mind

As a general rule, confident women question the norm and are not afraid to speak their minds. Confident women will not simply do as they’re told and go with the flow of what is expected of them. 

Of course, this is not to say you need to be argumentative or seemingly offended about every point or comment. Nor do you need to be the other extreme and just go with the flow, so to speak, and see where your journey takes you. Instead, just think for yourself and question the “why,” speaking your mind when you feel it’s important and necessary to do so.

This can be something as simple as asking why a certain task at work is done a specific way, and offering a better and more conducive alternative. More so, she also isn’t afraid to admit when her theory or idea didn’t work out, instead of stubbornly trying to fix the situation.  

2. She Says Yes When She Truly Means it

Many women will say “yes” to anything for fear of letting down friends or disappointing a partner. However, there comes a time when a woman just needs to put her foot down and say “no” instead. 

Saying no to someone may hurt someone’s feelings or immediately put closure on a topic. However, a confident woman understands that turning down someone or an idea is more about standing up for her own beliefs, principles or plans. By saying “no,” they are ultimately saying ”yes” to themselves. 

But when a woman does agree or say “yes” to something, they genuinely mean it and stand by their word.   

3. She Uses Positive Words and Phrases

Words are very important in projecting confidence. So much so that certain directives or requests in our everyday conversations can come across positive or negative, depending on how they are phrased. And, as a whole, we are far more likely to respond to the positive phrase than the negative. 

For example, instead of saying “don’t forget,” you can simply change the negative into a positive and use the request “please remember.” 

Positive words and phrases are commonly used by a confident woman in conversations, as they tend to build her up and also others around her, not tear them down. Confident women make others feel inspired to do something, not obligated.  

4. She Has Clear Goals and Plans

Confident women create goals for themselves. But more so, they create an action plan that guides them toward that goal. Without an action plan, a goal is nothing more than a pipe dream. 

Confident women create goals, action plans and also know how to stick to them, which makes them even more inspiring to others. 

5. She Recognizes Confidence Is not Skin Deep, but Appearances Can Matter

Confidence glows from a woman’s traits and habits, not their looks. However, a smart confident woman knows that the right outfit can make all the difference. That’s why it’s crucial to keep in your closet at least one “power outfit” that really brings the confidence level up a notch. It doesn’t even have to be a suit you wear to work. It can simply be a pair of killer heels, a leather jacket or some shapewear that smooths and tucks certain areas. Whatever works for you!  

6. She Lets Body Language to Speak for Herself

Like a power outfit, it helps to have a “power pose.” Body language and even micro-expressions can give others a non-verbal message without uttering a single word. And a confident woman knows this quite well. 

Use body language to your advantage to appear and feel more confident. Stand tall, make eye contact and smile at others. You’d be surprised how far this body language can make you appear more confident and less of a wallflower. (Especially eye contact when you spot a cute fella or gal.) 

7. She’s In-Tune with Her Personality

A confident woman is very in-tune and connected to herself and all her personality traits. She understands–and, more importantly, recognizes–her strengths and weaknesses, too. She knows her strengths and will take them the extra mile, but is also unafraid to admit her weaknesses and that she’s not the best person for the job. 

For example, even the most confident women have trouble with public speaking, same as the rest of us. But through planning and experience, it gets easier over time. Soon, you can even turn weaknesses into strengths. 

8. She Uplifts Others and Creates Her Own Success

Confident women will never tear down others to create their own success. Instead, she uplifts and inspires everyone around her. 

In general, the confident woman knows that her successes are well-earned and honest, as she works extra hard to accomplish them. She also expects the same from her friends, family and coworkers and believes that comparison is a terrible trap. She will happily celebrate someone else’s success, even when her own goals and aspirations are far off.  

9. She Prioritizes Self-Care

Confident women understand that self-care is extremely important for their well-being. Even as a working mom with kids and colleagues who depend on her, she understands that she has to take care of herself first before taking care of others. 

Self-care days and activities can bring you an instant confidence boost. And it can be a really simple regular activity, such as waking up 30 minutes early to write in a journal and enjoy a nice cup of tea before work. 

Overall, self-care also comes back to the previous habit of knowing when to say “no.” A confident woman knows when she needs to speak up and take some time out for herself.