8 Terrible and Creepy Celebrity Waxworks

Unless your a professional, making a waxwork of a celebrity falls into the Hannibal Lecter category of ‘fun things to do with your spare time’, alas, even the so-called professional celebrity waxwork makers can get it wrong from time to time, creating something so weird and strange, it almost looks like they forgot to add the botox that has made these famous human beings the faces we know today. Who even knows what sort of career path you pursue in order to get into this profession but you likely just need to like the smell of melty wax and pouring said wax into ill-formed facial and body molds. If you fail to pass the test to become a Mortuary Beautician, you can always over-apply chemicals on Brad Pitt’s waxy face to make him look absolutely crazy. Here are just 8 of the ample supply of abysmal celebrity waxworks that are beyond creepy.


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (if they spent way too much time in the sun) 

brad pitt and angelina jolie

David Beckham (apparently)
david beckham

Jennifer Aniston (must feel bad about the nose thing)
jennifer aniston

Kylie Minogue (not Nicole Kidman which it looks closer to, kind of)
kylie minogue

Princess Diana (this is just offensive)
princess diana

Tom Cruise (ouch)
tom cruise

Zac Efron (has cheekbones that can cut through steel)
zac efron