8 Celebrities Who Wear Too Much Makeup

Celebrities always try to look their best when they’re in the spotlight, but sometimes they overdo it on the makeup! Whether they cake on too much bronzer or line their eyes too heavily with dark eyeliner, these celebs should have taken another look in the mirror before heading out the door. Check out which 8 stars are guilty of wearing too much makeup!

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Emma Watson

While she usually looks put together on the red carpet, Emma Watson admits that one of her “biggest beauty faux-pas” is sometimes wearing too much makeup. She loves makeup and its ability to transform, but truly believes that beauty is something that comes from within.



Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has also messed up her makeup in the past. Whether she wears the wrong shade of concealer, eye shadow, or lipstick, she needs to make better beauty choices!



Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s beauty routine seems as screwed up as the rest of her life is! She has made plenty of makeup mistakes over the past few years, including wearing way too much eyeliner and bronzer.



Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is no stranger to cosmetics – she frequently piles on too much makeup! She needs to tone down the heavy bronzer, blush, lipstick, and eye makeup.



Kim Kardashian

As you can probably tell from her refusal to wear flats or comfortable clothes during her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian never goes anywhere without getting dressed to the nines. She’s almost never spotted without a ton of makeup either. She always wears plenty of foundation, bronzer, eye makeup, and more.




Snooki is rarely spotted without her signature face full of makeup. The reality star even wore fake eyelashes in the delivery room during the birth of her first child!



Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj regularly wears a ton of makeup, including heavy foundation, brightly colored lipstick and eye shadow, and long fake eyelashes.



Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen once portrayed a sweet, innocent version of Jenny Humphey on Gossip Girl, but her character and her look in real life quickly turned dark. Momsen is now know for her signature heavy black eyeliner and dark lipstick.