8 Celebrities Who Prefer Wearing Sweatpants

When celebrities step on to the red carpet, they’re almost always asked who designed their outfit. Whether they’re attending a movie premiere or an awards show, stars are scrutinized for what they got dressed up in. What these stars often don’t admit is that they’d much rather be in comfortable clothes! See which 8 celebrities have confessed that they prefer dressing down to dressing up.

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Jennifer Lawrence

We all know what Jennifer Lawrence did end up wearing to the Oscars, but she joked before the awards show that she wanted to wear sweatpants to the big event. The actress said that because the Oscars are at the end of awards season, she’s always “just exhausted from dressing up.”


Claire Danes

Claire Danes will only wear jeans if they feel like sweatpants. Of the pairs of jeans in her closet, she says she doesn’t “have patience for them anymore” unless they’re as stretchy and comfortable as sweats.



Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has been criticized a lot over the past few months for going out in public while wearing sweatpants. The actress obviously isn’t bothered by the negative attention as she continues to get coffee, walk her dog, or run errands with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher while wearing comfortable sweats.




Whether she’s catching a flight or grabbing a cup of coffee, Rihanna is often photographed wearing a slouchy pair of sweatpants. Sometimes she tries to glam up the look with heels, but she looks much more comfortable when she pairs her sweats with sneakers.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is always dressed to the nines when she walks the red carpet, but she loves wearing sweatpants whenever she doesn’t have to dress up. The mother of two and her boyfriend Casper Smart have even been spotted wearing matching sweats.



Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey may have developed a diva reputation, but the singer loves to wear sweats and relax just like everyone else. Carey insists she’s a homebody and loves to be comfortable when she spends time in the kitchen cooking for her family.



Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman wore plenty of sweats for her role in the 2011 film Thor, but she loves to wear sweatpants in real life too. She’s often spotted wearing sweats while out and about with her husband and son.


Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima admits that when she’s not working, she’s “always in sweatpants!” The model probably has to promote the Victoria’s Secret sweats she models for a living, but she insists she wears them anyway because she’s a busy mother.