7 Websites Where You Can Earn Money Writing

So, you like writing, you are good at it, and you have heard that there are sites on the Internet where you can earn money writing. But what are these sites? How do they work? How much do they pay? We offer you a selection of the best sites where you can earn money writing!

If you have come to this blog, it is because you would like to turn your passion for writing into your way of earning money, and the good news is that it is possible, in fact, many people already do it. In this article, I will tell you about 12 websites where you can earn money writing. 

  • Fiverr.com

Surely you already know this website, don’t you? Anyway, I will tell you how you can earn money writing on this American freelance work site.

You can publish your services ad or “gig” for a minimum price of 5 dollars. The category you are interested in is “Writing and translation”.

For each successful service sale, you will receive 80% of the price you indicated. In other words, Fiverr charges you a 20% commission.

There is a tiered system where you will move up the ranks as you accumulate completed assignments, customer reviews, and earnings.

  • Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is currently the largest freelance work platform in the world, emerged from the absorption of multiple platforms such as Nubelo or ProjectLinkr.

It is one of the freelance work sites where more assignments are offered, but also where there is more competition. This reduces the chances of getting the job or forces you to bid low to impose yourself with the lowest rate (which is not always a good idea).

Membership of the platform is free, but if you don’t have one of the paid plans you can only bid for a small number of jobs each day, always behind premium members, who have preference when it comes to submitting their proposals.

  • PaperHelp.org

PaperHelp is an essay writing platform for students which provides. Therefore, all orders will be related to the academic writing of different kinds of essays and other college assignments. PaperHelp is a reliable platform with a large client base and good work conditions. 

Many papers writers already work on this platform, so you can learn from this experience and share interesting insights with your colleagues. So if you specialize in academic writing and have good grammar, you should try your hand as a writer here.

  • UpWork.com

Born from the merger of Elance and Odesk, UpWork is considered one of the best freelancing sites out there today, but also one of the most demanding. 

Registration in UpWork is free, and the editors review each profile to validate it. They can reject you if you don’t have enough experience or prove your skills. Basic membership is free, but there is a limited token system to access offers. Once you get a job, the platform keeps a 20% commission on the final amount paid by the client.

  •  Contents.com

Founded in 2021, Contents.com is a digital content creation platform that combines human talent with artificial intelligence. To this end, it has an international team of collaborators who produce content in different languages for the projects of its influential clients.

You can work on Contents.com, offering writing, translation, or proofreading services of the contents generated by its artificial intelligence system. There are no fees to pay, but to join their team, you must upload your profile to the platform and pass a selection test. 

The platform will pay for papers written by you through your PayPal account, bank transfer, or direct deposit (the latter only in the United States).

  • Getfluence.com

Getfluence is a sponsored posts platform, meaning you get paid to write articles on your blog that include sponsored links to their client’s sites. Sponsored posts are one of the best ways to earn money writing if you have a blog.

Signing up is free and relatively simple. You just enter your site information and wait for the platform to validate it, which happens quickly. You decide how much you want to charge for each sponsored article you publish and the conditions it must have. From that moment on, interested customers can send you proposals to publish sponsored articles on your blog, and you can always decide whether to accept or reject them.

  • Twago.com

On this website, you can also find writing projects to earn money. You can sign up for free with a basic account and upgrade to a paid account.

With the primary account, you get a 10% commission for each work done, which is deducted directly from your earnings.

The payment method should be discussed directly with the client (credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, etc.), or you can use the secure safePay account offered by Twago, which transfers your earnings to your account once the client has approved your work.

And you, did you know about these websites? Have you used any of them? Tell us about your experience.