7 Celebrities Who’ve Shared Makeup-Free Photos of Themselves

Perhaps sick of the impossible standards set for them or just wanting to show off how picture-perfect they are without even a slick of mascara, these 7 celebrities have all taken to their Twitter/Instagram accounts to share images of themselves completely makeup free. While some have the occasional spot, wrinkle or uneven skin tone, these stars have still bravely shown off their very natural and normal complexions for the world to see, not caring about negative critics who might not have nice things to say about their makeup-free snaps! It takes guts to show your true beauty and these 7 stars have all had the figurative balls to take a photo without any touch-ups, celebrating what they truly look like.




Brooklyn Decker
brooklyn decker

Demi Lovato
demi lovato

Jessica Alba
jessica alba

Kylie Jenner
kylie jenner