7 Celebrities Who’ve Packed on the Pounds While in the Spotlight

With so much pressure to look as skinny as possible, it is actually surprising that some celebrities pile on the pounds! Perhaps in search of a healthier look or a recent time of overindulgence, these celebrities have put on weight during their careers in the spotlight. Some look better with the little they’ve added to their previously skinny frames, while others know they’ve gone too far and have later tried to drop back to a normal size, this includes Kevin Federline who admits he packed on the pounds during a time of depression. Mischa Barton used to look model-size when she appeared in the hit TV show ‘The O.C.’ but since then she has constantly been uping her weight and looks completely different – perhaps she hopes to find a size she is happier at. Take a peek at these 7 stars who’ve all gained weight over the years!


Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera

Eva Longoria
eva longoria

Kevin Federline

Lady Gaga
lady gaga

Mariah Carey
mariah carey

Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton Shopping In Los Angeles

Val Kilmer
val kilmer