7 Celebrities Who Had Hilarious Hair in the 80s!

The 80s brought with it lots of positive things: great bands, interesting clothes – but there was one thing that we would prefer to forget: the hair. Hairsprayed, crimped and backcombed to death, 80s hair was all about big curls and strange shaved areas, all creating very weird hairy looks. These 7 stars all fell into the trap of looking extremely 80s by giving a hairdo from the era a go during that time period, and we have photographic proof that they looked beyond goofy, even if at that time they were at the height of fashion. Sometimes, those kind of style mistakes can come back to haunt you in such a way that David Hasselhoff would even laugh at you. Oh dear.


Alyssa Milano

alyssa milano

Brad Pitt

Sarah Jessica Parker

George Clooney

Nicole Kidman

Oprah Winfrey

Demi Moore
demi moore