7 Celebrities Caught Looking Extremely Drunk!

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Finding it hard to stand up right? Feel the urge to vomit? It’s not a strange illness, you’ve just had too much free Dom Pérignon at the open bar. It’s just so hard to say no when it’s free, isn’t it. At least it was for these 7 celebrities, who’ve all been caught looking rather wasted at one point or another. Some need help standing, others are lashing out aggressively at the photographers while some are falling asleep in the back of a cab. From pulling funny faces to accidentally exposing your underwear, there is a whole host of unflattering things you can do when your drunk, especially if your a celebrity and your drunken antics will be splashed out all over TMZ the next morning. That’s a bigger hangover than mixing all kinds of stuff together and downing it for the hell of it, you know what I’m talking about Lilo.





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