6 Stars Who Want to Direct in the Future

Posted by PZ on April 2nd, 2012

Directing a film seems like a natural progression after acting in one, and these 6 stars all tend to agree. Most already have plenty of experience in front of the camera, and have admitted that it would just add to their experience to step behind the camera too. Some believe that by trying out directing they can bring even more to a project, while others are keen to direct something they are passionate about as a way of expressing themselves.


Ewan Mcgregor

Ewan would like to direct in the future if he has a story to tell: “Direct? I would love to. I’ve been slightly nervous about it because it’s such a big idea. I also never wanted to do it just to be a director but rather to do it because I want to tell a particular story and I’m still waiting for that story to find me.”


Scarlett Johansson

‘Scarlett says she likes to challenge herself so directing would be something new to master: ‘I would like to direct a feature. I’ve been developing it for years. It’s good. I just want to work on stuff that’s challenging to me, physically, emotionally. I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t scare me a little bit.”

Robert Downey Jr

Robert would like to use what he’s learned from his acting career: “The great thing was working with Mel right before he went off and did Hamlet and started directing. I remember him telling someone on the set, ‘I would never be a director, it’s a terrible idea,’ and three years later he couldn’t not direct. That’s kind of where I’m heading towards now. I feel it’s almost irresponsible learning what I’ve learned and having the influences and relationships I’ve had to not try to infuse that with movies more as a director.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo also believes he is likely to direct in the future: “Directing is something that will come down the line. It is something I am looking forward to doing – I just have to find the right vehicle. Someday I will get behind something; that would be fun.”

Kylie Minogue

Kylie loves being a part of a film, and believes she could direct: “Professionally, I’d love to be behind the camera more. I think there’s a director in me somewhere as I get older and bossier. I don’t know how I ended up with a music career that has lasted that long when I thought I’d just be an actress. I love the community spirit of doing a film with other people around, rather than having your own trailer when you’re a pop star.”

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake is always working on new projects and directing is one of them: “Well, I do have a number of things that I’m developing. That’s probably where the future lies for me – but I’m not going to give up the day job just yet. I’d like to see where it goes. You’re always wondering how long this will last. It’s a piece of being an actor. There’s always someone more talented or younger than you. But I also like to write. In years to come, I think that will expand. I won’t just be scrapping for the next job. Maybe I’ll create something for myself.”

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