6 Female Celebrities Who’ve Had Nose Jobs!

Posted by PZ on June 18th, 2013

Hoping to enhance their natural beauty with a little help from a surgeon, it seems that these 6 female stars all went under the knife to perfect their nose. Perhaps not happy with their appearance before, some have opted to reshape or reduce their nose’s size in the hopes of creating a more in-proportion look to the rest of their face. Some have done so very subtly and the difference is only noticeable if you see before and after shots of their new nose. Others have openly admitted to going under the knife to fix their nose, such as Ashlee Simpson, who dramatically changed her look when she had a nose job. Perhaps it improves their looks, but does it deduct from their character? Check out these 6 stars who all seem to have altered their noses in the past and decide for yourself.

Ashlee Simpson

ashley simpson

Blake Lively

Halle Berry

Holly Madison
holly madison

Jennifer Aniston
jennifer aniston

Scarlett Johansson
scarlett johansson

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