6 Celebrities Who’ve Been Pulled Over by the Cops

These 6 stars have all been embarrassingly pulled over by the cops while on the road. Mostly for minor offenses such as chatting on the phone while driving or going a little over the speed limit, these stars either talked their way out of a ticket or took it as graciously as possible while the hounding paparazzi caught all of the action from afar. Justin Bieber has been pulled over several times for driving his sports car too fast, while Kim Kardashian was recently seen chatting on her phone and was swiftly asked to pull over by a following police officer. Avoiding arrest and thankfully not doing any real harm, these 6 stars still had to face the music when they were grilled by the authorities – doh!

Britney Spears


Chris Brown
chris brown

Justin Bieber

Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian

Russell Brand
russell brand

Vanessa Hudgens
vanessa hudgens